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One of the best compliments we can receive is a 5-star review! Let us know if you are happy with AZ Metals on any forum.

Our goal is to provide you with the metals you need, cut to the size you need when you need them. AZ Metals believes in long-lasting relationships with our customers, and our goal is to be your "go to" metal supplier!

We sincerely thank you for your business!  Owners~ Doug & Jill Cone

GOOGLE +  5 star   David Jefferson

" I had the best experience from the front desk to the guys in the shop. Everyone was amazing. I highly recommend AZ Metals for all your metal needs."

GOOGLE +  5 star   Kimo Skyles

"I really love this place. I'm just a hobby welder. These guys are very helpful. I always get great service with my orders. They're friendly. They always get my orders right, and they're always on time. I love the fact that you don't need a minimum order, and that keeps my garage from filling with scrap. They have made my entry in to metal fabrication much less intimidating. Thanks AZ Metals!"

YELP   5 star   John S.

"Simply the best! From the moment I walked in I was warmly greeted by the staff who assisted me in choosing the best product for my home project. They were happy to help me with my small order. The exceptionally well equipped shop was able to custom cut my order on the spot. This is the kind of service with a smile that is lost upon most other businesses these days. AZ Metals is a gem of a company that has a huge selection in stock and can rapidly order anything that is unsusal. Look no further for a great company.

GOOGLE +  5 star   David Jefferson

I had the best experience. From the frontdesk to the guys in the shop everyone was amazing. I highly recommend AZ Metals for all your metal needs."

GOOGLE +  5 star   Kai Ho

" Everyone was super!! Courteous on the phone and in person. I just had a small piece I needed for something I was working on for my daughter and they treated us like we were a big deal business account. Highly recommend anyone to do business with them."

GOOGLE +  5 star   Don Monaco

"These guys are great. Super helpful and efficient. If you need anything metal look here first!"

GOOGLE +  5 star   Chris Hallgren 

"I am a novice welder, and I'm just doing personal projects. I've gone to AZ Metals now a few times and they have been great every time. I was worried that I would be seen as not a "real" customer since I am just doing small personal projects and still learning, but every experience has been just the opposite. I went today to get some expanded metal and angle iron to make a new grill grate. The guys were amazing! They got me exactly what I needed, and they cut my pieces just as I needed them. I'm so thankful that AZ Metal exists here in Mesa. Exactly what I needed. In-and-out in about 10 minutes. Awesome! Thanks so much!"

YELP  5 star   Jeff S. 

"These guys are the best. First off they sell by the inch, not in predetermined lengths so you can get exactly the steel you need - it saves you money. Secondly, the customer service is awesome. They corrected my mistake at their expense. I'll be going back regularly."

GOOGLE +  5 star   Juan Trujillo 

"Extremely welcoming atmosphere - guys are willing to help. I was intimidated to go at first but everyone was so helpful and friendly that I have become a repeat customer many times over."

GOOGLE +  5 star   Mesa Secure Storage 

"These guys are great! I always go to AZ Metals when I need something. Most of the time I need some small bit of something, and they have always treated me as if I had a big order. When I go there I tell them what I need expecting to have to return, due to having other orders ahead of me. They see that I have a 2 min. need, but they always take the time to help, and answer questions. They are always busy, but I always get what I need with plenty information to help me out. Thanks to the whole team over there at AZ Metals."

GOOGLE +  5 star   Brian OConnor 

"Absolutely the best place to go for metals. Stopped in and they had what I needed ready to go in less than 20 minutes. Very helpful and friendly staff. Great prices. The only place I will go from now on.

GOOGLE +  5 star  Chris Buentello

"Awesome experience shopping at AZ Metals! Pricing is very competive and the staff were eager to help. They will continue to receive my business!!"

GOOGLE +  5 star   Bill Vanorden 

"Doesn't get much better than this whether you are a business, a DYIer or a guy with a small home shop. Fair price, easy to work with, Doug and the crew get it done for a fair price."

GOOGLE +  5 star   David Parrish 

"This place is awesome, very friendly staff and willing to help out when you are trying to figure out what materials you need. I was going to buy from someplace else and I was recommended here and it was half the price of another competitor. How can you not love that!"

GOOGLE +  5 star    Dylan Steinke 

"Hands down the best customer service in the valley."

CONTACT FORM    Susan R.  

"Great service and pricing! Just placed a small sample order with Lee. Had a great chat with him, very enjoyable to talk to and you guys saved me more than HALF of what I was going to pay elsewhere (out of state). You will definitely get my business when I start production."

GOOGLE + 5 star   Jon Lifgren 

"From the person who answered the phone to the guy at the front desk and the guy who cut the metal the service was exceptional very friendly efficient was in and out with my metal in 15 minutes at a great price."

GOOGLE + 5 star   Matthew Kelly 

"These guys were super helpful. I run a machine shop and AZ Metals is my go to material supplier. Their selection is diverse and the service is always excellent."

YELP  5 star  Diane R. 

"Superb Experience !  AZ Metals' mission to 'meet the needs of customers ... with exceptional service' was exactly what we experienced! Beginning with our first encounter with Lee, he not only listened to what we were wanting to created with our backyard landscaping project, but suggested some metal sheets that met our needs and excited us to boot!  Ryan and Alex jumped in to help load and cut the pieces we needed with cheerful and friendly demeanors  (even though it was Friday at closing !!).  AZ Metals is the 'go to' metal supply company for us!"

GOOGLE + 5 star  Randall Tipton 

"Great service, great price for what I needed. Arrived at the store late afternoon, and was only there 20-25 minutes despite the fact that the guys were all busy. Doug was very helpful, and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with AZ Metals."

GOOGLE + 5 star  Carson Fullmer 

"Had a great experience here. Very straightforward, you pick what you want and they cut it down to the size you need and then you pay. As the guy who helped me said "This is a handyman's candyland."

GOOGLE + 5 star  Linda Ozarchevizi 

"We were greeted as soon as the door opened. Doug took time to answer questions and helped us out with choosing a metal grill. Wonderful customer service!"

YELP 5 star  Brian A. (Queen Creek, AZ)

"LOVE these guys.. Doug spent way more time than they probably should have helping me find what I needed. Super-polite and ridiculously helpful - they're my new favorite shop."

GOOGLE + 5 star  Jeremy Marlorano 

"Our favorite metal shop! AZ Metals always treats us like a million dollar client even though we're small potatoes. No job is too small and they work with you to find the best possible price. I'd give them 10 stars if I could!"

GOOGLE + 5 star  Donald Ortiz (Owner of Jemelco) 

"I have been using AZ Metals since they opened shop, and have always had great experiences with them. I own a machine shop and AZ Metals consistently has the best value for my metal and metal cutting needs."

LINKEDIN  Mike Heisterkamp - Vice President Western Regional - National Accounts at Central Freight Lines

"I have worked with Jill and Doug Cone for several years now and value their attention to detail, ability to provide product at any size or shape to fit your needs, but most of all their hard working honesty and how much they value their customers. Anyone can make a one time sale. It takes a dedicated business culture to gain the respect of their clients so they keep coming back. That is what the Cone's at AZ Metals have, a true commitment to the customer experience."